I am a unit owner at the Gramercy Place Condominium who has had the absolute pleasure of working with John Maher in the sale of my apartment. He is undoubtedly an expert in how to sell a home in even the most challenging times. Through his professional hard work and personal dedication to his clients, I am happy to say that I have an above asking price offer for my home that is now in contract. John has gone above and beyond from what I expected from a broker, he has become a friend as a bonus! I highly recommend John to anyone considering selling their home in this competitive market, you can't find anyone better on your side!




My wife and I decided to hire John Maher to sell our apartment at 280 Park Avenue South. We didn’t know John beforehand, but after seeing his name associated with most of the sales in our building, we figured that he was a man we could trust to sell the place we called home for many years. Our intuition was quickly proven to be correct, as John is not only an expert in his craft, but is also one of the most professional, communicative and knowledgeable realtors we have ever had the pleasure of working with. He exceeded our expectations with his impressive knowledge about the building as a whole, and with the way he promptly informed us of every appointment and showing. John kindly spent time consulting with us and discussing every offer, keeping us constantly in the loop and comfortable reaching out with any questions we may have had. Ultimately, thanks to John’s mastery of his profession, he was able to sell the apartment at a higher price than the asking. Throughout the contract period and closing, John continued to be deeply involved in the process and remained punctual and communicative in relaying information to us on all developments. I can say without hesitation that John did an outstanding job in selling our apartment and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a realtor. My wife and I are looking forward to working with John again.




We have just concluded sale of 12D unit with John Maher as sales agent. As we live in Michigan and not available in NYC, it was important to have an agent support during the process.

John went far and above for us including negotiating a higher price than asking since we had several interested buyers. He provided valuable information concerning comparable sales and $/square foot —high and low.

Minor issues dealing with the buyers broker were handled by him very professionally. Also he oversaw the furniture was moved out, working with building management company and their employees to ensure the unit was cleaned for a showing!

Most important for us is the after sale service! He was most responsive and timely! No waiting several days for a response from him.

As issues arose, John kept us informed in order to make a decision. John has sold many units in the building which gave us comfort that he had the experience to manage the process!

We endorse unqualifiedly John Maher’s services!



William & Peggy C.

It is my Absolute Pleasure to Recommend John Maher. I chose to simply list everything I have experienced working with John For the Past 13 years.

Enthusiastic, Extremely knowledgeable, Great negotiator, Has a people rapport, Motivated to do the best Job possible, Creative approach to marketing,friendly, courteous, Always available, Good communicator, Positivity, Provides consistent feedback, Works WITH the client, Always goes the extra mile, Follows through, Hard working, Dependable.



Anita M.

John was a Pleasure to Work with. He is Extremely Knowledgeable about the building and was Realistic and Honest with us about how much our apartment would sell for. John was Always Reachable with any questions or concerns and he Went Above and Beyond to ensure that the process was Smooth and as Stress-Free as possible. You Can't Go Wrong hiring John!

Nicole P.

John Maher is our broker and became our friend. We have only good things to say about John. He is very professional, reliable and a pleasure to deal with. John rented our apartment located at 280 Park Ave S successfully and in a very short period of time. Since the beginning of our dialogues, John has always been very responsive, proactive and friendly. He is also very knowledgeable about the real estate market in New York and only raises expectations to the extent he can make it happen. John is fair and efficient We recommend John to anyone who needs to rent or sell/buy an apartment in NY as our experience with John has only been positive.

Candida & Arnaud L.

If you are thinking of hiring John to represent you at 280 Park Avenue South, Don't think...Just Hire!  We have had the pleasure of knowing John for over 15 years and have used him 3 times within 280 PAS for a reason. John is unquestionably the best broker for the building. He is HonestHard WorkingProfessional, Creative, and Extremely Effective.   His building and neighborhood experience is unmatched and it is no surprise he has represented so many owners at 280 PAS. We couldn't be happier with his results on all 3 transactions and wholeheartedly recommend him without reservation.

Bob & Nancy D.

I have known John Maher for the better part of 15 years having worked with John twice - once in representing me on the purchase of my apartment and then in the sale of the apartment at 280 Park Ave South. John is incredibly passionate about the work he does and really knows his stuff when it comes to getting the best value for your apartment, whether you're buying or selling. The best way to describe John is that he's "all in" when it comes to working on your behalf. He's sincere, cares greatly, keeps in constant communication, and is always professional.



Gary E.

For Selling a Property at 280 Park Avenue South, there is No Better Person with whom to work… Because of John’s Deep Knowledge of 280 Park Avenue South, he Brings Many things to the table that highlight the Unique Qualities and Characteristics and Value of units in the Building and the Neighborhood Itself. He did the Heavy lifting at Every Step of the Process – whether it was Bringing in his Handyman to do some touch up painting or Re-photographing our apt on a sunny day when the views were even better.

John is HonestHard-Working, and Gets Results – that is a True Rarity in the Real Estate Business. I used John to Purchase and Sell my property at 280PAS and was Beyond Impressed with all of his Talents and Skills.



Jason K.

Dear Neighbor: It was My Pleasure working with John Maher and The Maher Group on the sale of my home at 280 Park Avenue South. Words cannot Express how Impressed I Was with John's ProfessionalismMarket KnowledgeKindness and Sincerity.

I had been considering selling my unit off and on for about a year, as I was planning to relocate internationally with my job. We discussed both the rental market and the market for sales, as well as how I could best get top dollar for my unit. After discussion with John, I planned to do some minor renovations to the apartment before proceeding further. Then all of a sudden life happened. Circumstances led me to leave New York City in a hurry. John was my First Call. We agreed the unit could be Sold at a Premium Price without the renovations, provided I replaced one of the kitchen appliances. John Personally went into the apartment and Measured the SpaceResearched Options and Found Me the Best Deal. He was physically present at delivery, made sure Installation went Smoothly and assured the apartment was cleaned up for the first showing.

It was Truly Above and Beyond what I Expected. He Behaved More like a Best Friend than a Realtor. With his network of buyers, we had a Full Price All Cash offer before the first open house. After the first (and only) open house, we had other offers and went to a Best and Final Bid. The entire contract process was Complete in Three Business Days from the date of my signing the contract with him. I sold the unit Above Asking Price in a very Smooth All Cash Transaction with a quick close. At closing, The Buyer's Realtor Expressed how Lovely it was to Deal with John, stating that he was one of the Best Realtors they have Ever Dealt With. I felt even more comfortable after hearing that, given their extensive experience in NYC real estate.

In a very tense personal situation, John did Everything Possible to Take the Stress off Me. I Never once Felt Pressured to act or make any decision. I felt he was Always Honest, Professional and Wanting Me to Feel Comfortable and Confident. Although I was present for the closing, the entire transaction took place with me outside of the city. Communication was Never an Issue. Needless to say, I Would Recommend John Maher and The Maher Group Without HesitationPlease Feel Free to Contact Me with Any Questions and best of luck.



Michelle S.

It is Our Pleasure to Recommend John Maher… My Wife and I were both Very Pleased with the Professionalism and Level of Service provided by John Maher. We were impressed by his Attention to Detail and Building Expertise. We used John’s services as Sellers. John was able to get us a Record Price for our condo at 280 Park Avenue South.



Joan and David S.

John, You were for us and still are a Fantastic AgentKind and Meticulous. Most importantly you were Exact and on the Mark about the process from Pricing to Momentum to Closing. You Created and Executed a Flawless StagingMarketing and Sales Strategy resulting in an very Smooth and Profitable Transaction. We are Very Happy with You in Our Corner!



Pommy & Jean Pierre F.

My Wife and I were both Extremely Pleased with the Professionalism and Level of Service provided by our Real Estate Broker John Maher.  John is ProfessionalIntelligent and Courteous. His Extensive Building and Market Knowledge resulted in a Record Sale Beyond our Wildest Expectations!

We were impressed by his Attention to Detail….we Recommend him Without Reservation.



Phillip and Lauren K.

I have known John Maher for over 12 years. He was the seller’s broker when I purchased my condo at 280 PAS back in 2004. I lived in that apartment until 2008, shortly after my first child was born. Since then, I have been renting out the unit to various tenants and John has been my rental agent. John has Always done an Exceptional Job Finding Quality Tenants while also ensuring I get the Best Possible Rent. He is By Far the Most Knowledgeable Real Estate Broker for Our Building. His Familiarity with the Building and its different Unit LinesAmenities and even the Staff is Unparalleled. But his Biggest Strength is his Ability to Market the Building and the Individual Units Themselves.

My family and I loved the neighborhood so much that we moved back into 280 PAS and Rented a Three Bedroom unit 14 G/H that John was the rental broker on. When my family and I finally decided to move out of the city two years ago, It was Obvious to us that John Should be Our Agent when we were Ready to Sell. That decision was finally made this year and We could Not Be Happier.


John did a Great Job Helping us with the RenovationStagingMarketing and ultimately the Closing of our Unit. We Sold our Condo at $125K Above Asking price and Have Him to Credit for That.

I have No Hesitation in Recommending John to anyone else that is looking to RentSell or Purchase at 280 PAS.



James I.

I have known John Maher for at least 10 Years of the 15 years I lived at 280 Park Avenue South. I have known him to be the Most Knowledgable of all the Agents at the Building. He Knows the Building Better than most People Including Residents and Employees at the building.


I have used John to help me find a new home in Manhattan and have recently tasked him with renting out two units that I own at 280 PAS.  I always found him to be CommunicativeProfessional, and had My Best Interest in Mind.  He was never in a rush to take a deal just because it was offered if he didn't think it was a good deal. He is Always Available via phone, email or text and his Response Time is Excellent if not Immediate.


In the months after he rented out my apartments, He Has Taken Care of Many "issues" with the Tenants that has been a Tremendous Help.  As I don't live in Manhattan anymore, He has been a Tremendous Help in Dealing with the Tenants and Getting things Fixed.  He has Done a Great Job Communicating and keeping Both Sides Happy.


I would Not Hesitate to Recommend John Maher to any of My Family or Friends, and will Re-List my Units with Him when they are up for renewal.

Jeff C.

To Whom It May Concern, It is With Pleasure and Gratitude that I am writing to share my experience Working with John Maher as my real estate agent. John is Truly in a Class of His Own, as he Consistently goes Above and Beyond. John sees to it that the entire rental process Feels Almost Effortless. He is Very Pro-Active, a Great Problem Solver, and his Responsiveness and Dependability are Unwavering. Additionally, John's Expertise and Knowledge of the Building is Unsurpassed (he has had more Rentals and Re-sales in the building than any other real estate agent) which I am confident helped expedite the rental process. I am Extremely Pleased with All Aspects of My Experience working with John, and the new tenants are very happy as well! John Maher's DedicationDevotionProfessionalismExpertiseHard Work and Genuine Caring are Beyond Compare. I have worked with other real estate agents in the past, but None Have come Close to being as wonderful as John. It is without hesitation that I give John Maher my Highest Recommendation.

Debbie P.

It is Our Pleasure to Recommend John Maher… We used John’s services both as Buyers and Sellers, and in Both Transactions felt that we are receiving the Best Possible Service….John was able to get us a Record Price for our condo at 280 Park Avenue South Apt 19J and Complete the Transaction in Only a Few Weeks…. Beyond that, his Personal Care and Dedication were Invaluable to the Success of the Sale Process. We Highly Recommend John Without Hesitation!

Vardit & Shaul O.

John is ProfessionalIntelligent and Courteous. We were Impressed by his Attention to Detail...As a Neighborhood Resident and Building Expert, His Knowledge was Invaluable as He Sold our Apartment 20F for Record Sale Price for the Building. We Recommend him Without Reservation.



Dave & Mary S.

John, you was On the Money as to valuations and did an Excellent Job in Marketing and Selling our property, which allowed for a Quick Sale at a Top Valuation… We Relied on your Knowledge and Experience of real estate, Especially his familiarity with 280 park Avenue South. We used John as Both Sellers and Buyers and were Extremely Impressed with his Professionalism, market and Neighborhood and Building Knowledge and Results. We Highly Recommend John without hesitation.



Nancy and Bob D.

John Maher is held in Very High Esteem with Residents of 280 Park Avenue South…

When I sold an apartment on the 25th floor and then purchased one on the 23rd floor, John Maher represented the Seller and the Transaction went Very Smooth and with minimum angst. John made it easy.

I purchased apartment 23A in 2009. The purchase went smoothly and John was a Total Professional, guiding me through the process. I was Extremely Pleased with John’s FairnessHonesty and his Willingness to Help in Any Way he Could. He was always  Sharing his Knowledge and Building Expertise Willingly. His Experience with the Intricacies of 280PAS is Truly  Unparalleled.

John Maher is a Total Professional and I Wholeheartedly Recommend him as an HonestKnowledgeable and Effective broker. I have Only Good Words for his abilities.



Anita M.

John is a True ProfessionalPleasure to Work With and an Extremely Effective Broker... I have been Working with John Maher for Over 7 Years at 280 Park Avenue South. John was First Responsible for Renting my Apartment for me and has Consistently Produced nothing but Quality Tenants every time. He Handled Every Aspect from Start to Finish including Preparing my Property for Each New Tenant so I Didn’t Have to do a Thing. When we Made the Decision to Sell It was Obvious who the Expert was and the Decision to use John was Simple. He did a Fantastic Job PreparingMarking and Selling our property in a Very Short Period of Time for a Great Price. His Attention to Detail and Knowledge of the Market, Building and the Sales Process on the whole Was Invaluable. The experience was Far Beyond my Expectations and further proved I Knew I had the Right Broker for the Job. I Highly Recommend him and would be Happy to Discuss my Experience further directly with any potential clients. John is a True Winner.



Eva B.

In Reference to John Maher & The Maher Group.  We recently sold our unit, 18D with John.  In addition to getting a Top Price for our unit and the Highest PPF at the time, John was Very Helpful in the Renovation Process having recommended an excellent contractor, Assisted in the Design and Guided us Through the Entire Process. We Took John's Lead on renovating knowing he Recently sold other Properties in the Building which he had also Designed & Renovated, and It Proved to be the Right Decision. John Knows Gramercy Place Better than Any other Realtor.



John K.

Warmly Recommend hiring John Maher for your real estate transaction. I had the Pleasure of Working Directly with John to sell my property in NYC while I was living abroad. From Coordinating with the Management company, the Furniture Staging Company to finding and Negotiating with BuyersBrokers and finally Lawyers, John Facilitated the Entire Process, going Above and Beyond his mandate to ensure a Smooth and Very Profitable Transaction.

He had the Perfect Pictures Taken, wrote up, and advertised a great review on the apartment, hosted numerous open houses and Worked his Network to Keep the Momentum Going. Once a buyer was identified He Worked Tirelessly to get a satisfactory deal for both parties negotiating with Foreign Buyers at Odd Hours. I can Honestly say He will get the Deal Done with all his Hard Work and Passion.



Virginie M.

We recently purchased a 2 BR apartment at 280 Park Avenue SouthJohn Maher was the broker involved in this transaction. In addition to John having a Thorough Knowledge of this Particular Building he also was a Pleasure to Work With. He worked with us throughout the process and Made Buying this Apartment a Pleasant Experience. This apartment required some renovation and John put us in contact with some contractors that he worked with in the past. We are now carrying out this work and look forward to moving in soon. I Would Recommend John Maher to Anyone who is looking for an Experienced Broker with a good knowledge of the market.



Alan A.

I would highly recommend John Maher to anyone wanting to sell their property in a timely and professional manner. He is trustworthyreliable and patiently answered all of my questions. His attention to detail and knowledge of what sells resulted in getting me an excellent price for my condo at 280 Park Avenue South. It truly was a highly rewarding experience. John knows what sells!



Diane D.

To whom it may concern, When deciding to sell my apartment 21B at 280 Park Avenue South, there were no shortage of brokers to choose from. For me it was obvious to choose the One that Lived and Worked on the Block and had come Very Highly Recommended from people I spoke to In The BuildingJohn Maher proved to be The Right Choice.

John presented a Detailed Strategy for how to Prepare and Sell my apartment which proved to be True Success. For me, this Separated him from Others who would simply list the apartment. John Sold my apartment for a Record Setting Price and $150K Over the List Price which I would have been satisfied with.  I didn’t doubt the apartment would sell it was just a question of price.  John Delivered and He has My Endorsement.



Todd K.

Many thanks for the very successful and enjoyable sale of our apartment at Gramercy Place Condominium.

You not only fulfilled every commitment you made to us, but also exceeded all of our expectations for a real estate broker working on our behalf. To top it off, we also believe that we have formed a new lasting friendship.

We wish you great success in your brokerage business and will be more than pleased to recommend your services to one and all.



Lucy & Larrabee J.

Our experience with John Maher as our Real Estate Broker was Very Positive. John came Highly Recommended from our Neighbor in 19J at 280 Park Avenue South who Sold their Apartment through John. We found him to be an HonestHard WorkingBrightReliable young man who Sold our apartment for a Record-Setting Price. John Lives in the Neighborhood and Knows the Building and Neighborhood Extremely Well. We Could Not Have Been More Pleased with John representing us as our Exclusive Sales Broker.



Phyllis & Jack W.

I recently Had the Pleasure of working with John Maher in connection with the Sale of my apartment, number 3E, in 280 Park Avenue South. I chose to work with John because of his familiarity with Gramercy Place. I wanted someone with His Experience with the constantly changing and improving market conditions within the building representing me in what proved to be an important financial transaction.

John was Efficient and Professional to work with. Prior to placing the apartment on the market, he helped me prepare it for sale. He Quickly Found a Buyer for the apartment at a very satisfactory price. Throughout the process, he accommodated my work and travel schedule when showing the apartment. John Removed as much of the inconvenience from the sales process as a broker could. I was More than Happy with the Results that John Achieved, and I Recommend him Highly to those looking for a real estate agent in Gramercy Place or elsewhere.



Antoinette B.

We wanted to Convey our Gratitude for all your help during our purchase of apartment 11F at 280 Park Avenue South in NYC . We have been Very Impressed with your Energy and Professionalism. You were Always There to Answer our Questions and to Guide Us through the whole process. We found Tremendous Value in your Unparalleled Building and Neighborhood Knowledge and Expertise. We also appreciated your Extensive Experience and Recommendations with the Renovation Process. We Highly Recommend John for Any Real Estate related Transactions in the Building or Gramercy/Flatiron Neighborhood.



Punita & Mahesh V.

I write to Strongly Recommend the Services of John Maher…John did a Fantastic Job in Listing and Selling my apartment at 280 Park Avenue South (Apt. #2F). I was concerned that I was going to take a loss on my apartment as I had only owned it for a little more than one year and due to personal reasons was forced to sell abruptly.

John did a Masterful Job in terms of Staging and Photographing the apartment in preparation for listing. The Photographs were Magazine Quality. He also was a Complete Professional in terms of Preparing a Marketing Plan (# of Open Houses, the Advertising Plan, etc The Entire Effort was Smooth and Professional — John Did his HomeworkMastered all Details, attracted and Engaged potential Buyers, and kept me Fully Informed. I would Use Him Again in a Heartbeat and Strongly Recommend his services.



David L.

Our experience working with John Maher was Very Positive… John is Extremely Professional and Personable. He guided us every step of the way throughout the sale of our apartment, and His Attention to Detail and Commitment to Us as his Clients was Remarkable. John’s Enthusiasm for his work is Genuine. He sold our apartment at a Record Setting Price, and we could Not Recommend him Highly Enough. A True Please to work with.



Lauren and Guy P.

I am writing to express our Complete Satisfaction with John through the entire process of the sale of our apartment at 280 Park Avenue South…John was Extremely ProfessionalMotivated and Conscientious of our Needs……He was Extremely Detail Oriented and  Crafted and Perfectly Executed a Targeted Sales and Marketing Strategy. We sold our property for a Very Satisfactory price thanks to John's Experience and Building  Expertise. We Highly Recommend John to anyone looking for a Highly Effective and Knowledgeable real estate Broker to Buy or Sell their home.



Aditi & Mike D.

John has been a Great Advisor to me when I was contemplating about the sale of my apartment. John is Extremely Professional, very Factual and Gets His Work Done. I was Very Impressed with His Extensive Building and Neighborhood Knowledge.  He is Extremely Detail Oriented and a Great Advocate for my Needs and Best Interests. I Highly Recommend John to anyone looking for a Top Quality Broker in NYC.



Ken P.

John's PersonalityPositive Energy and Enthusiasm coupled with his ProfessionalismExperience, and Deep Roots in the Gramercy/Flatiron neighborhood proved to be the Clear Winner. As a Neighborhood Resident himself, his Knowledge and Ability to Sell at 280PAS goes Far Beyond the Average Broker.

John did a Masterful Job Preparing, Marketing and Selling our Apartment at 280PAS. His Attention to Detail and Relentless Work Ethic was a Tremendous Benefit to Us. We Recommend Him Without Hesitation for anyone looking for a Top Quality Broker at 280PAS or in the Neighborhood.



Larry & Katie C.